Rust - Uromyces fabae (Fungus)

“Rust is Characterized by numerous, small, reddish brown pustules on the leaves. They become brownish black as the spores develop with a yellow halo. ”

Alternaria Leaf Spot - Alternaria solani

“On leaves spots with concentric rings develop with reddish-purple spots. The most characteristic symptom is brown or dark spots on older leaves with concentic rings. Spotted leaves soon yellow, wither and drop.”

Cercospora Leaf Spot - Cercospora spp. (Fungus)

“Leaf spots first appear as minute, water soaked specks that gradually enlarge to circular, irregular spots that turn various shades of tan to brown. Sometimes, spots centre are grey. ”

Downy Mildew - Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Fungus)

“Angular yellow lesions will form on upper leaf surfaces and greyish-purplish fluffy growth on the underside of the affected area is a sign of downy mildew As lesions expand, leaves curl upwards, dry and eventually disintegrate. (Roasting in cucumbers) ”