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Jacto AJ401 Canon Sprayers 105 Gal.- 600 LT


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Hydraulic and Manual

105 gallon capacity (600LT)
The J400 series cannon sprayer provides the speed and versatility you need to protect your
crops with ease and accuracy. The J400 series has the same 105 gallon capacity and Jacto
centrifugal pump as the AJ401, but with a larger fan with higher CFM and discharge speeds.
A completely different outlet duct assembly with main outlet and two smaller directional
intermediate ducts lets you achieve spray swaths up to 80 feet, depending on the crop and
wind conditions. The specially designed Cannon head is easy to operate and can be adjusted
horizontally up to 290 degrees and vertically by 34 degrees.
Three versions are available, the standard J400 with manually adjusted outlet duct, the
J400CHT with hydraulic duct control and J400CHT/EL with electric control valve from the
factory. If you choose the J400CHT or J400CHT/EL models you must have two open sets of
remotes for the hydraulic hoses to be plugged into.


Hydraulic, Manual