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Jacto AJ401 Canon Sprayers


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The AJ401 is one of Jacto's most versatile and economical cannon sprayers for a wide variety
of spray applications. The AJ401 features an outlet duct that swivels in two places: first it can
be rotated manually from side to side in an approximately 270 degree arc just above the fan
housing. Plus, it has a second swivel half way up the main outlet duct that allows the tip to
rotate almost a full 360 degrees.
The combination of these two swivels and the adjustable smaller intermediate duct, will
allow you to spray crops as diverse as low growing strawberries or sweet corn as well as tree
fruit and nursery trees. Because of the versatility of the AJ401's duct adjustments, combined
with up to a 50 foot spray swath and simple calibration controls, it makes this sprayer a
popular choice with market farmers.